Friday, August 6, 2010

which way do i go?

i've yet to jump on board the unstoppable train that is VINYL...until now, that is.
and it took a good clearance sale to get me onboard :0) {as usual}

found these at Joannes:

for 25 cents!

didn't know what i was going to do with them, but i thought they were cute. when i got home, inspiration struck!

but i needed more more MORE vinyl!!! CUSTOM vinyl!!!

enter the sweet Shelley of Wonderfully Wordy and the always inspiring House of Smiths.

{first though~~you need to know that is not sponsered or influenced in any way. i came to Shelley as a regular customer, and paid regular cold, hard google-checkout-linked-to-my-debit-card for these. not until the very end did i mention that i would probably be blogging this at some point!}

moving on...
the gal is wonderful. her choices are endless--there are so many fonts and colors to drool over, i almost got caught up and forgot what i was there for! but i immediately found the font i was looking for--something kind of old saloon sign style-y. (yup, totally a style. just like "traditional" and "french country" and it's other more well-known siblings)

she emailed me back quickly with options for what i wanted, and even cheerfully gave me more options when i was picky and a stinker :0)

and today my words arrived!


Wonderfully Wordy vinyl


cheap-o hand shape vinyl


awesome wall that i didn't know what to do with!

i love it so much! and the best part? i opened the envelope, took pictures, put everything up on the wall, and took more pictures {my longwinded and awkward way of saying 'from start to finish'} all in about 20 minutes!

it's the perfect touch for a small space of wall. to the left is the hallway leading back to the guest/kids' bath and the kids' rooms, straight-left (huh?) is the dining room entrance, to the immediate right is the kitchen pantry, and further on is the other hallway leading to {obviously} the laundry. Behind you is the kitchen. it's a central location is what i'm getting at :0)

for now, we'll just love the wall and ignore the fact that that hand on the bottom...totally not anatomically correct. yes, i suppose you could point that way. but i doubt you ever would. try it, you'll see.

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