Friday, August 13, 2010

momma's in pajamas

sorry i haven't been around.

i've been busy. you know, with the usual.

lots of pampering.
a mani/pedi is always a good place to start.

and you know, someone's gotta supervise the teams of contractors and interior designers working on girlfriend girl's room. these things don't just happen by themselves.

and who else is there to plan the dinner menu? you know, the one my skilled french chefs come in a prepare for me on a daily basis.

right after the maids finish a thorough cleansing of the home, top to bottom (including putting away all the laundry)

of course, i had to fit in some time for shopping at the fa-boo-lus boutiques one can find locally. maybe you've heard of them? i believe the one is french: 'le mart du Wal'. and the other? tar-jaayy. hmmm, swedish, perhaps? my children require nothing but the best supplies for their return to their ultra-rich private schools.

i'll be back. next week.

after all, one must prioritize.

these bon-bons don't just eat themselves.
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