Sunday, August 1, 2010

we are family

we had a wonderful time with the cousins last week.

it's always fun to spend time with family you love.

we spent time making cookies.

mixing and patting and shaping and baking

and then...not so much eating. they didn't taste quite as good as they looked. :0)

we spent a day at the beach, laughing and having fun. it could not have been a more perfect day.

there was a sand bar that created a huge area of ocean only a foot or so deep...perfect for the kids to wade and splash in.

tuesday we visited Grounds For Sculpture.

ever been?

if not, you absolutely MUST if you're anywhere near the Trenton, NJ area.

it's acres and acres of sculpture~~some interactive, some touchable, some hidden, some modern, some classic, {some nude}

can you find the six children hiding in this sculpture?

it's winding walks and hidden pathways and secret doors...the kids had a blast searching out openings in hedges that led to secret sitting areas {and sometimes, the nudes}

there are recreations of famous paintings as sculpture. gorgeous.

and gorgeous scenery and landscaping

as well as a wonderful restaurant on site, Rat's, where we sent the brother & sister-in-law for a belated anniversary present.

it was a fun visit--although quick! But we'll see them again in October!
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