Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a bad egg

you know what i hate?

when you stay up until 10:30 at night making egg salad for the trip to the beach tomorrow, and instead of your hard boiled eggs peeling like this:

they peel like this:

what in the egg-peelin' blazes?


again for emphasis:
good egg

bad eggs:

very, verrrry bad egg:

cause seriously, what says "bad" like an eyepatch? and those hands...they're doing that evil "heh-heh-heh" thing.

but you know what i love?


you know what else i love?

taking the remaining hard-boiled eggs left for googiedaddy, and making them look like eeee-vahhh

isn't daddy in for a treat tomorrow...

that's right. it's the inside of my fridge. and no, i didn't clean it out before i took this picture. that's how this blogger rolls. keepin' it real. plus, did you not hear me say it was 10:30?

oh, and p.s.--i just love that last guy. he's like the mr. bill of eggs. "oohhhhh noooooo!!!!"

and hey, p.p.s.--did you see that first picture? i'll wait whilst you scroll back up and have a gander...hum-da-dumm...yeah, you see how that egg is STANDING UP? yup, done without the aid of trick wires, my friends. let's give props where they're due. that required some mad quick trigger finger on the ole camera.
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