Thursday, July 22, 2010

nurturing creativity

here's much excitement in the googiehaus.

this sunday the googie cousins arrive for their annual summer visit.

one of the highlights is a present exchange between all the cousins.

we've been working on (what we think) is a cool gift for their two girl cousins, ages 12 and 8.

it started with this:

and then we added this:

a box full of treasures
 we took a paper mache box and covered it with three coordinating papers, all mod podged on. the letters were stickers from the dollar store, also mod podged on.


all the sewing basics:
sew on velcro
pins, marking pens, fabric glue, tape measure, ruler
trims, appliques, thread

also, a selection of pretty fabrics, chosen for their pattern and ease of sew-ability (totally a word)

and some super easy patterns sized for an American Girl Doll (or any similar sized doll)

it all fits neatly into the little box

ready and waiting to unleash a world of creativity and self-expression through the medium of fabric :0)

what do you think? will they love it? we hope so! i know my girls keep sighing over it, wishing it was for them! (i feel a little like a bad bad mommy right now!)

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