Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Fun With Photoshop

Just messing around some more with the photos I did yesterday (and a couple others from the same time)
Thought I'd share, since I wasn't planning any more exciting post for today :0) (I've saved all the excitement for tomorrow's post)

I feel like no matter what I try I'm just not happy with how this picture looks. I know she's got a weird look on her (dirty) face, but its the overall coloring of the photo. When I erased the sun kissed effect off her eyes, they looked too bright and fake. When I tried to tone that down, it makes her look like she has cataracts. I just can't make it work. (Its also hard to get a close-up shot of her because she's constantly on the move!)

This next one scares me. She has her daddy's mouth, which I can say from experience is a kissable one ;0)


This one scares me too, but in a different sort of way--kind of looks like the cover of a horror movie DVD...


This is another one I just can't make work. I do like the texture on here, it's got that rough and tumble feeling that defines LittleMan.

This one was taken with a flash (accidentally) which is why I didn't use it yesterday. But I messed with it today a bit and I do like the look on her face and how well it shows her eyes.


And this is definitely my absolute favorite of the bunch:


Seriously, it doesn't get much better than that.
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