Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Eyes Have It

I'm trying to learn Photoshop Elements. There's tons of great tutorials out there, some I particularly like are found at I Heart Faces, DIY Photography, and of course Pioneer Woman.
One of the elements I'm trying hard to get a grasp on is those beautiful sparkly eyes you see in so many shots. So here's some fooling around I did yesterday....If anyone more experienced has any tips or suggestions, or links to good tutorials I'd love to have them!!!

***Disclaimer: I know my kids look like cyborgs in some of these--I'm still learnin' folks! Just sharing my baby steps!!!***

(All the shots are the original followed by my edited version)

Girlfriend Girl:


Do you know what I see in this picture?'s coming for me!!!

Do you know what I see in this one? RABBIT!! Just kidding, but I do see braces in my future!!!
(I rushed through this one because I was running out of time.)Tiny Tim

I love all my children equally, but when it comes to "eyes" this kid has it cornered. She inherited my dad's icey blue ones, and this picture doesn't even come close to doing them justice.


LittleBear also has the blue eyes, not as light as TinyTim's, but still a lovely deep blue, which I COULD NOT get to look right in this photo.

So that's it! Again, please let me know any and all suggestions you may have!!! Thanks!

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