Sunday, April 25, 2010

Going for the Gold

A few months ago I had the bright idea to run a half marathon. I think my training lasted 3 days.

This weekend was the half marathon I was training for planning on briefly considered running, and, in it's honor, I held my own personal marathon. One speed. A pillow sewing marathon.

Now that I can medal in.

Eleven pillows divided between the living room and bedroom. A...biathalon, if you will. I am the sewing world's Lance Armstrong.

The living room reveal will wait until later...but here's the end result of the bedroom pillow marathon--the first leg of my incredible feats of endurance and the culmination of extensive hard training:



Okay, I may have gotten a touch carried away with my marathon metaphor. (simile?) They truly weren't that difficult.

The chandelier stenciled pillow I did a couple weeks ago, you can find the info and tutorial here.

This weekend I started with the rectangular black pillows. I left them plain--although the fabric has a nice texture that adds some interest which you can't really see in these photos.

Then I did the printed pillows. These were made out of a clean soft white linen-like fabric. I don't even really know exactly what it is--just something we had yards of extra at work. :0) I can always make free work!

I wanted to put words on them--I love the pillows that Tiffany at Lemon Tree Creations has done here! Initials? Scriptures? The possibilities are endless!!! I chose to put the words "husband" and "wife" with their definitions.

I had a lot more info at first--the word origins, Biblical usage, lots of admittedly interesting stuff (you can see all info on the bottom right paper--waaay too much I think!!!) But I narrowed it down to just a basic definition so the pillow looked cleaner. I printed it out in a font I liked onto inkjet t-shirt transfer paper, and ironed it onto the white fabric.



I put a border of the black on the pillows, and did a white zigzag stitch down the side for a little more interest, then sewed them up.


ignore the poorly made bed...yeah, those sheets hanging out right there...

Really easy, and I'm happy with the result. As an added bonus, when googiedaddy wants to snuggle and I'm not in the mood, I can totally just toss him a "wife" pillow. hehehe

If you look on googiedaddy's side of the bed, you can see the nightstand I refinished. I still have more work to do--need a nightstand for my side of the bed, and some cute stuff for both of them. But we're getting somewhere!

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