Thursday, February 18, 2010

What About the Boy?

Okay, so a complete fail on my part when I vowed to devote a significant portion of time this month to boy "stuff."

And it doesn't help to have a veritable theme song running through your head, reminding you that you haven't done what you planned...(although, without the whole dead-reappearing-murdered-husband-causing deep-psychological-scars-in-the-child-thing...mostly just the "what about the boy" part)

Although, yesterday, I did cut out the jacket I'm making for Little Man.

And hey, now that I think about it--I DID fix a hole in my brother's pants--totally a boy thing.

And ya know, I DID finish the scrubs I was making for my mom--and yes, they are for my mom, but scrubs are totally, you know, gender neutral...

All right, I'm stretching, and I know it.

I did come up with a cute t-shirt design for Little Man.

Its freezer paper stenciling and applique--together! Like BFF's! 4-evah!

The awesome stencil shot:

I did play around with the idea of an eyebrow on the eye. But I didn't want it to look like a girl eye, and for some reason that did to me.

Initially I was just going to put the "eye" and the "rock". But I thought that may not translate well ("Hey, whats with the eyeball and the gray lump on your shirt?"

The "rock" is two colors of leather--a black leather and a gray suede. I just stitched them right on. I probably should have used a sew on interfacing to give the t-shirt some body in back, but I didn't have any.

Believe it or not, its harder to make a convincing-looking one-dimensional rock out of leather than you may think!
But I think I pulled it off, and I'm pretty happy with the result.

And apparently so is my little ham...

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