Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tres Apronos

I love cupcakes.
Making them, eating them, drawing them, looking at other people's drawings of them...and especially sewing with them! Well, sewing with fabric that has cupcakes on it I mean...

I have about three different cupcake fabrics in my stash right now, waiting for the right project. Today it was this one's turn:

So cute, huh? And it just wanted to be aprons for my girls and I.


So I looked at some pics of cute retro aprons and then drew out some ideas. I had a yummy chocolate brown for accents, and lined the back with a nice medium weight muslin.
Each apron had:
1 body cut from cupcake fabric
1 body cut from muslin
2 waist ties in c/c fabric
2 waist ties in brown fabric
2 neck ties in c/c fabric
2 neck ties n brown fabric
1 pocket on the girls', 2 pockets on mine
brown ruffles

I cut initials out of the brown, attached them in the center of the pockets using adhesive interfacing, then did a zig-zag stitch around the edge in a contrasting pink:
PhotobucketFun with initials!

The girls' had brown ruffles around the top and the pocket. Here's everything attached, ready to sew the muslin on the back:
I sewed all the way around the edge, right sides together, making sure to tuck all the straps and ruffles in, leaving a hole to flip it back out. Once flipped right side out, I pressed it and then top stitched with the pink around all the edges.
I left mine a little simpler, no ruffles but still a scalloped bottom.
Two of the finished aprons:
And when I was all done, I realized I had enough left to whip up a fourth little apron for Baby Bear!
I made a large rectangle by seaming two pieces together in the center. Then I cut a long brown piece for a waistband and ironed each long side in about 1/2", and then ironed the whole thing in half (kind of like a huge piece of bias tape). I used my gathering foot again to attach the cupcake fabric in roughly the center of the brown waistband:
Then folded over the brown to encase the raw seam and topstitched the whole thing end to end with pink thread. Hemmed the other three edges and added her intial, and it was ready to go!
It was put to immediate use!

The only problem is, when outside looks like this:
And you have shiny new aprons to wear:
You end up with lots of this:


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