Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Freezer Paper Shirt - 1, googiemomma - 0

I give up.
In the lesson on just how many "100" of something is, I hereby consider myself schooled. Learned. Beaten.
Oh, sure, I started out all "Oooh, this is gonna look soooo cute, I can totally do this!!!"

But let me say it again--


I started out well--here's the shirt with its first iron on stencil flowers:

And after thinning the fabric paint, and putting two coats on all these flowers--front and back and both sleeves--I was pretty excited. The thinned blue paint mixed with the pink of the shirt to create a lovely washed purple look. I was diggin' it.

Then, I counted. All my hard work had net me exactly 47 flowers, and two butterflies. Not EVEN halfway there.

That's about when I threw in the towel. And went all old school on that shirt.

And to be perfectly honest, I don't totally hate it.

(Please please oh please don't tell all the cool craft bloggers. Gosh, I'd be SOOO embarassed if they knew I used (gasp!) puffy fabric paint! Straight from the bottle! Egads! The horror!)

It gives it a sort of three-dimensional look that--I think--came out sort of cute.

(The blue was not quite dry in this pic, it got MUCH darker when it dried.)

Or at least thats what I'm telling myself.

Whatever! The important thing is, we've got 98 flowers, 2 butterflies, bunches of sparkles and glitter, and one very happy Kindergartener!

Its just a little tough to count your own shirt!

All in all, I definitely like the stenciled effect, and will absolutely be doing more of it. Just, maybe...something a little simpler next time!
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