Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Road Trip!!!

Well, a trip down memory lane at least!

Last year the kid's school had its 50th anniversary (my dad attended the same elementary school!)
Among a whole week of activity for this special occasion, they had "50's Day", where everyone in the school (teachers and students alike) were supposed to dress "50's-style".

It was so much fun! Tiny Tim wasn't in school yet, so I made Girlfriend Girl's poodle skirt and matching scarf. Paired with a cardigan and wide belt, and a curly Marilyn-esque hairdo, she looked adorable!
Little man looked great in folded up jeans, a white tee, red "Chucks" and a borrowed black leather jacket.


So much fun!

Edited to add: Wow! Does that pic REALLY say 2008!?!?! Where does the time go? Okay, I meant 2 years ago, I guess!
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