Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Doll's Tale

I have been so inspired by all the adorable handmade dolls I've seen--both online and at the Amish market near us.
I decided to give it a whirl...
And so, with visions of a much-loved and played with toy running through my head, I created this for my Baby Bear:


I put alot of thought into it.

I made it to vaguely resemble her--the blond piggy tails shooting up on either side. They have crinkly paper in them for interest.

The fringy eyelashes, hand stitched and trimmed; the embroidered lips, bright red and feminine; the ruffly dress, the bright colors--yet not too bold...all done with my Baby Bear in mind.

Something soft to snuggle with, yet interesting enough to keep her entertained.


I imagined repairing "boo-boos" inflicted by too much love...washing a baby muddied by countless backyard adventures...packing her up to make the move to a newlywed's home, there to await the day she can be loved by a new generation of grandbabies...

I know, I know...I'll give you a moment to dry your sentimental tears.

I imagined too much.

Because this is what happened:

She flat-out hates the thing.

Can't stand it.

Won't touch it.

Maybe because I made the doll as big as her?
Like a stuffed zombie out to eat her brain...


Hmm...well, it was a lovely thought.
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