Monday, February 1, 2010

I may be crazy...but it just may be a lunatic you're looking for

Here's basically the conversation I had with myself when I saw these shoes for Baby Bear:
Adorable! $2! Impractical! $2! I know, right???
So we had a function on Sunday,and Saturday night while picking outfits I was dying for her to wear the shoes. Nothing she had matched them (surprise surprise, I know)
That's when the craziness took over...
I figured, hey--I could totally whip up a skirt in no time. But she had no plain black/white/pink shirt. So if you're making a skirt, why not just make a dress and save yourself the trouble of finding a shirt? When its 8 pm and you've decided to sew for the next morning's affair?
Okay, for the record, I had a backup dress.
And I set some ground rules for myself--the instant I hit a snag, I would stop. I would save it for another occasion, and use the "backup dress".
Also, I was not leaving the house--it was all from my stash. The black I've had, the ribbon I've had, the b&w print was scraps from a dress I'd just finished cutting out for the biggest googie, GFG. I used the backup dress as a pattern. I snagged a hot pink diaper cover from another dress.
2 hours folks.
Presenting: the 2 hour dress with the $2 shoes. I may trademark that name.
Worth it, right?

And yes, this is truly the BEST picture I could get of her in it. This blogging thang is new to me, and I'm learning as I go. Rule #1 I learned this morning? Don't expect cute pics of baby in outfit 1/2 hr after she should have been down for a nap and instead of putting said child down for nap you are busy "personalizing" your new "blog". Ahem.
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