Monday, February 1, 2010

the beginning...

Okay, here goes nothing.
I'm jumping into this blogging thing.

We'll see how it goes.
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  1. Okay, I'm commenting so you feel good about yourself. Except, I'm not nearly as cool, ecentric, or granola as you, so my comment will not be worthy of anyone seeing. Just you see these right? Who went to ER, anyway? Why am I just hearing about this? Dork. I love you

  2. Hi googiemamma- I have never blogged- read a blog or commented on a blog- but I have to admit I really enjoyed reading yours. It was fun and cute and yes my kitchenaid does exclaim in fancy font!!!! I too am a thinker and an idea maker but the do-er part is hard when there is no time- I have to commend you on all of your crafty ideas I loved the 50/50 bleach freezer paper flower shirt.
    I too love retro- cupcake fabric- I made a quilt for my niece out of really cool retro- cake/cup cake fabric-and it is adorable. I will keep up with your blog as time will allow. Keep doing so that I can craft vicariously through you :)-happime

  3. LOL...yes you never know where you'll go.

  4. sorry. couldn't help myself. had to see.


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