Thursday, August 27, 2015


this summer came with a bit of a mission. nothing crazy, it's just that last summer...well, last summer straight up stank.

when you start the summer with losing your dog, it can only go up from there, right? wrong.  this time last year i was just recently released from the hospital after some fun with asthma, and even before that the weeks of vacation had slipped through my fingers like a melting popsicle. nothing exciting, nothing to write about on that first day back to school: This summer I: _____________ ...watched a lot of tv?

so i was determined to make this one better.

beginning with our Grand Adventure Day. once a week (ish) we set off to do/explore/have fun/get dirty/learn something. we live in a good spot here in SE PA, within an hour or so we can get to anything from mountains to beach to city.

and the fall back is always beach. summer = beach, right? eh, i'm no beach girl. sunburn + sharks, nevermind. there's so much OTHER fun to be had...

just like Rocky
peach picking, only fun for about 15 minutes. then it's just sweaty manual labor.

pretty much our favorite park in the whole wide world. ish.

cows. girls.

you can keep your plastic water slides, thankyouverymuch.

nothing says fun like....

and that about sums them up.

the big two kiddos started school yesterday, the other two start tuesday, so our Grand Adventures have ended for this summer.
but i have to say they were an all around success.
we found new places we love (some we've already revisited), most we'd never even heard of.
which got me to about a little review of some of our spots?  i spent hours searching for places to go.
i have some pretty specific qualifications: Fun.

actually, there was a little more than that. but i'll save the details for the later posts. wouldn't want to overwhelm anyone, seeing as how it's been months between my ramblings here. ;)
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