Monday, March 4, 2013

random thoughts + a discount code

happy monday, peeps. i’ll be back later in the week with some new projects. in the meantime...

o1) thanks for all the love on my whale stuffie pattern! i was happy so many people commented to tell me they were going to make one.

question though: how do we feel about me putting some up for sale in ye olde etsy shop? (which is quite bare at the moment ::cheesy grin::)

o2) e-shakti is offering googiemomma readers a 20% DISCOUNT when you shop online! pick yourself up something pretty, and think of that 20% as a gift from me to you ;)

you can read my e-shakti review here, and check out their new spring line here.

some of the pretties i’m currently crushing on:


retro style zigzag print dress          tux front poplin a-line dress



vintage denim chambray dress             make a beeline poplin dress



tiny heart print crepe dress          nautical crepe print maxi dress


simply use code GGEMMM at checkout for your 20% discount, valid now through 3/20/13—so get shopping!

o3) we are weaning. by ‘we’, obviously i mean elliot and i. well, mainly elliot, since i’m fairly certain i was weaned 31+ years ago.
it’s very bittersweet and i’m not gonna lie there were tears—from both of us (actually more from me) but it’s time to be done—wait, my merit badge just came in the mail, let me quick sew print it out and hot glue it on…


OOH! and i got the golden badge too!


that’s for holding Breastfeeding Mother Status totaling 95 months or more! wow. i almost want to push it another five months to get my platinum badge.

sheesh. i’ve spent just shy of 8 years of my life nursing someone.

seriously though…it’s very, very hard knowing this is it. she’s our last (yes, she IS.) and this is my last trip down this road. it feels like we’re closing the door on the chapter of our life entitled “Babies”. and while i’m excited about all the adventures in the coming chapters…i really like having babies around.

so, you know…fair warning that i’m feeling rather sappy these days. and that might pour out a touch in this here blog.

o4) also, tossing around an idea for a blog series in may. more deets to come.

googiemomma out.

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