Wednesday, June 20, 2012

sewing for the “girls”: buying clothes

so let’s face it, not everyone who’s reading this series is comfortable with sewing themselves something. and i totally understand that. because even though i DO sew, i hate sewing for myself!
a woman’s body—while a miracle of creation—is insanely difficult to fit well and right. (i’m all for coverings of fig leaves again, amirite? who’s with me?)

so sometimes you want to—need to—buy yourself something to wear. and for big chested gals, many times dresses are just out of the equation. they just don’t give us enough breathing room. the majority of outfits i wear are skirts and tops. and knit tops, at that.
but that’s not to say i don’t lust after the adorable cotton sundresses i see smaller (less-blessed, shall we say?) women donning.

so when eShakti offered me the chance to try one of their custom fit dresses i was ecstatic!
their dresses are totally customizable—you enter all your measurements in a simple form, and in a week your dress is on it’s way. you can even alter the length, the sleeve—lots of changes to make your dress “yours”.

i picked this one:

a bright summery color with pops of orange flowers embroidered on the hem.


what i love:
it’s a dress! it fits! i can breathe in it! ;)
the fabric is lovely, lightweight and breezy and i feel so summery in it.
i got a ton of compliments on it. the ordering process was easy—with the help of my husband to get some of the measurements i needed. the hardest part was narrowing it down to just one dress!! there’s a ton more i loved:

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

also: it has POCKETS!!! lovelovelove that!!!


what i'd change:
i do have to say that while the fit is called “custom”, this isn’t like a couture gown (obviously)—in other words it’s not step-in-and-zip-it-up-like-a-glove. they use elastic back panels and ties at the waist, which is fine. although i wasn’t super thrilled about the waist ties…they made me feel a bit like a little kid. they were long enough to wrap around to the front and tie, though, which i was happier with.


i also kind of wish the floral design continued around to the back to give it some more interest. but again, that’s kind of nit-picky.


all in all i’m super happy with my eShakti dress and experience, and i can not WAIT to order from them again!

also…let’s all thank my hubs for stepping in as photographer. otherwise you would have been subject to blurry pics in my messy room.


disclosure: i was not paid for this review. i did recieve a product to review, but all opinions are my own.
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  1. That dress is gorgeous! I'm totally already on their website browsing. Thanks!

  2. oh, THOSE girls. yes, it's impossible (just about) to buy something off the rack that fits well in all the right places. your dress looks beautiful and that colour really suits you!

  3. I think you are my much better organized and more creative twin. Knit tops and skirts all the time. I'll even find a way to dress them up for weddings. I am so very uncomfortable sewing for my bust! Plus, I am also a redhead.

    1. hehe...maybe it's a redhead thing? because i've got some redheaded cousins who are similarly "blessed" hahaha!!!
      oh--and don't fool yourself--i'm not very organized AT ALL. ;)

  4. I love it ! The color looks great on you


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