Wednesday, December 5, 2012

what comes before the overalls.

i was 20 years old when guinevere was born. i had been around babies my whole life—including a little brother born when i was 16. i think was fairly experienced as far as new moms go. but clothes…ugh. we didn’t know what gender was coming, so i stocked up on “neutrals”. i was convinced she was a boy though, and so four days after she was born i hit the mall because all my “neutral” clothes had a decidedly boyish look and my post-partum self rejected them outright.

i squished her tiny baby body into the most adult-looking things—button down shirts and jeans for crying out loud and even spent $20 on the tiniest pair of shoes that fit her 2 week old feet. because a 2 week old baby, in june, definitely needs shoes. 

poor harrison was in a tiny tie at two weeks, and ava—oh ava. casted on her right leg from thigh to toes, i still put a SHOE on her left foot a couple of times. until i got sick of people stopping me in the store to tell me i’d lost the other shoe.

i thought it was SO CUTE.

4 kids and 12 years later i’d like to think that my sensibilities have become more…err..sensible. i roll my eyes so hard at the 20 year old me, and i’ve finally realized that babies and toddlers just want to be comfortable and GASP! look just as adorable in loose cotton onesies and bare piggy toes. gigi and elliot were the beneficiaries of their older siblings’ sufferings. (sorry guys. it’s the truth.) it’s comfy one pieces and jeggings around here now—no jeans that dig into their fat roly-poly baby bellys. bare feet until they need shoes, and a blessing on whomever invented the tights with printed-on shoes for little girls.

in this vein i’ve discovered a new love—the overall. it started with the whale print jumper i did for elliot, and then i saw a pair of ridiculously cute overalls worn by little miss nella of enjoying the small things and i COULDN’T GET THEM OUT OF MY HEAD.


so i finally—stubbornly—worked out my own pattern for a similar pair. it took three muslins and numerous fittings sponsored by fruit snacks and cheese sticks to get the major bugs worked out but in the end i have an overall pattern i stinkin’ love. (and if you follow me on instagram you got a play by play)

i did the final product in a soft camel colored corduroy, lined with this adorable “little apples” moda print and topped with two wooden buttons.


these also got a big pocket on the front for holding her treasures and red contrast stitching.


i love that the ruffle on the shoulders makes them girly without being too chi-chi…if that even makes sense. which i’m not sure it does but read the sentence out loud and maybe you’ll understand what i’m trying to say.
this is called “haha i’m running away, and trying to close the door on you.”

they’re so comfy on her that it took three tries and close to an hour to get a handful of usable photos. she’s wiggling and climbing and moving non-stop, which may be because she’s 18 months old (whaaaa. when did that happen?) but i’d like to think it’s because finally, FINALLY i’ve learned how to dress my baby.

and this one is called “why yes, i do think my life depends on my not making eye contact with you. thankyouverymuch.”
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  1. Very very cute. I love the color, the ruffles and the pocket. Makes me almost wish for granddaughters instead of the three grandsons I have. I said almost. That one is going to push you the most I think. She's full of herself.

    1. ahh but what photos can't tell you is about the little bolt of lightening we call Gigi. that one will and does give me a run for my money. everyday.

  2. Oh my goodness. I think we have all been there. I was 27 when I had our now 13 year old, and my husband and I often laugh at our new-parenting-selves buying a $25.00 WHITE sweater for her. pfft.
    By the second one, we had it down. LOL
    I love those overalls! Perfect.
    Will you be posting a tutorial or pattern (for older kids too)??


    1. that's awesome!! overpriced white sweaters all around!
      i absolutely plan on putting up a tutorial & pattern for these guys...when exactly that will happen is still up in the air.

  3. These are so sweet- love them!! :) How do diaper changes work in these though? My 19 month old hates diaper changes and getting dressed like her life depends on it!!!

    1. ha! i didn't want any leg snaps. they are convenient at times but i find on pants it's easier to just rip them off and put them back on for diaper changes, vs. struggling with a dozen tiny snaps.
      so yes, i take them off for diaper changing time. fortunately elliot is fairly cooperative in that one (and only) aspect.

  4. Very cute! Love the overalls. I know what you mean about the change in dressing the kids (and I only have two). I think I learned from my sister in law, who had kids first and her newborn son always looked sorta odd in "real" shoes and jeans at 2 weeks old. Mine wore Robeez at MOST until they actually walked. ;)

    1. good for you! i find myself pitying tiny newborn babes all trussed up in "adult" clothes and looking like they can't even move. you know, hindsight being 20/20 and all...i can judge now. ;) (cue cheeky grin)

  5. Yay the overalls!
    I totally dressed up #1 and then decided #2 could live in jammies forever. I still barely ever put her two year old self in jeans. It's because as soon as the first one got old enough to be vocal she was all "I only want leggings and comfypants" and I was all "makes sense, me too" so many blessings on whoever invented jeggings for the littles. Little man gets these newfangled jeans that have a jogging pants like waistband and knit insides. And one-pieces. Oh sweet chocolate, I love long-sleeve-long-leg onepieces (extra points for horizontal stripes) on baby boys. Looks so comfy and cute! I like to think my younger two were less crabby because of their comfier clothes ;)
    I freakin love this overalls pattern. Take the ruffle off and I would put it on little man in a heartbeat. maybe in navy with a cute little sailboat embroidered on the pocket, and brown with a griffon crest embroidery pattern I have. hmmm....

  6. I so adore these overalls, Shannon! And as you know, I shamelessly ripped them off for my own little girl. I promised to send you the link and here it is: The Overalls of Excessive Cuteness. Thanks again for your help and big props to you!


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