Wednesday, October 10, 2012

kcwc: day 2

sometimes even i underestimate the depths of my own powers.

namely: my power of PROCRASTINATION, which is—apparently—so great that it borders on superpower. like i should don a cape and answer to a large “P” shone into the night sky. although…i probably wouldn’t answer right away

anyway, i did actually accomplish a lot during day 2 of KCWC. just not on the suit which i was supposed to be sewing in place of the actual packing/cleaning/cooking i’m supposed to be doing. no—instead i made a pair of jammies and a dress, and didn’t do anything on the suit until 9 o’clock at night—you see what i did there, right? procrastinated working on my procrastination project. SUPppper P!

but in my defense (because obviously with my super procrastination powers comes mega justification abilities. they go together—like super strength and flying) elliot needs some new jams. and the dress i made...shhh…super secret pattern testing for someone. can’t share yet. but it’s really, REALLY cute.


so the jams look like prison wear, but i kind of love them. i turned half of the top fabric sideways—partly because i was short on fabric and partly because i was trying to break up the convict look.


elliot can rock the bedhead.

it was 1/2 yard of nice soft jersey i bought a while ago from girl charlee who has gobs of awesome knits at really reasonable prices.

so the sleeves were a big fat fail and i ended up just cutting them off and leaving it sleeveless. i did a quick lettuce edge hem on the neck, arms and bottom.


but the bottoms are what i really wanted. elliot has this one pair of jammies that she’s thisclose to growing out of. the way they fit her little bottom though? and how cute she looks toddling around in them? i die.














so i used them as my pattern, extending the length and giving them a touch more width. (and then i took some crazy bad photos of them)

success! cute diaper tush lives on for another few months.

thus concludes KCWC day 2, on to day 3. let’s see what i can procrastinate accomplish today.

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