Tuesday, October 9, 2012

kcwc, day 1

okay i’m in.

Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge, hosted by elsie marley, comes around twice a year, and i don’t/can’t/won’t commit to it for some reason.

so what better time than this week? when we’re leaving for vacation soon? and i haven’t even begun packing yet?

let’s do this thing.

i’m posting yesterday’s accomplishments today. because i’m still going to do this my way—that is: late.

i have one project slated for KCWC—harrison’s vintage suit. i figure an hour a day, give or take, should get me a good jump on it.

except for yesterday, when i spent probably a solid 2 hours just cutting it out.

about 40 pattern pieces, 6 yards of fabric. and there’s actually more pieces than that—most of the jacket has lining pieces too.

now i’m off to sew.

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