Thursday, July 5, 2012

one smart cookie gets a milk & cookies party

when guinevere graduated 6th grade last month we wanted to have a little party for her.

keeping it simple and easy but fun were my goals, and i remembered this adorable “milk & cookies” themed party i had seen. it’s not a new idea—there are some incredible milk & cookies parties floating around on the web. waaaay more involved than this little one. but it’s still a fun idea.

the problem: cupcakes—in. you can find cupcake themed items EVERYWHERE. stickers, paper, plates, cups, party nonsense—no prob. cookies—not so much. there was a distinct lack of anything “cookie” related. anywhere.

but simple was the name of the game—so i made a few types of cookies, and had some friends and family make some more.


we even decorated with cookies, thanks to tina ;)


we had chocolate chip, peanut butter, andes mint cookies, sugar cookies, butter cookies, thumbprint cookies…lots and LOTS of cookies.


i debated over a cake…is it really necessary at a “cookie” party? in the end i decided to just make one myself. a simple box cake and icing, decorated to look like a chalkboard.


believe me when i say that not ONE piece of this cake was eaten. at the end of the party it hadn’t even been sliced. and the next day i threw 95% of it in the trash (i had to taste at least one piece)

i set up our sideboard as the milk station.


2%, 1%, malted, chocolate, strawberry—your choice. mason jars and straws—both regular and those crazy ones that turn your milk chocolate as you drink—completed it.

i bought some scrapbooking papers at michaels—i managed to find one covered in chocolate chips, the others were patterned and graduation themed. i used these to make a small banner over the milk station…


i used my paper punch to cut out circles, and printed out the words using the “school script dashed” font from dafont. then i just sewed it up, running a stitch right down the center with clear nylon thread.

i also used some of the paper to make a triangle banner thingie for over the door…


and i just put out some simple paper bags with labels for people to fill with a selection of cookies to take home.


it was easy and fun, and we surprised her with it! daddy took her to her orthodontist appointment and we quickly set up. when she got home she couldn’t understand what was going on!


and that’s the tale of our smart cookie!
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  1. Wow what a fun looking party, I love the theme! Sounds like you all had a delicious time!

  2. Great idea for a party!


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