Tuesday, July 3, 2012

edited to add…

to any eagle eyed readers who counted only four googies in yesterdays family pic at the white house…


well, gigi decided she’d rather be a part of a different family. she joined our friends in their family portrait and then flat out refused to get in ours.

see if you can spot her:


(hint: she’s the one in the blue and white shirt)

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  1. lol! i DID notice her absence.

  2. Oh that funny little nerd.

  3. oh, this made me laugh out loud.

  4. I'm from Philly but moved to the burbs of Atlanta a couple of years ago...crazy hot! Anyway, my family spent three weeks in Philly/Atlantic City this month and the only museum we made it to was The (new and improved) Please Touch Museum. Twice. Because the museum was deeply air conditioned and the kids (19 months and 5yo) could run around. Our plans of spending a day in DC (I <3 DC!) were abandoned due to the heat. New York was completely out of the question *lol*

    I think I am getting old.


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