Thursday, May 10, 2012

thursday randoms: things i’m excited about

o1) when the themes for the current round of project run and play were revealed, this was the week that called my name. it's "movie inspired".

i've done my fair share of movie-inspired looks.

woody costume


my fair lady ascot races dress


gone with the wind barbecue at twelve oaks gown

so obviously i was in for this one...
except--i totally. went. blank. i spent two weeks googling things like "most iconic film costumes EVER". i immediately wrote off any and all disney princesses, for obvious reasons. brief considerations: cleopatra, harrison as indiana jones (which still i think would have been AWESOME), or as james bond (ha!), the beaudelaire kids, lots of suggestions of marilyn monroe—in either the iconic white dress, or the pink “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” gown…the list is endless.

and, in typical fashion, at the very last minute i decided on what is proving to be--hands down--the most challenging garment i’ve ever made.

     o1a) do you follow me on instagram? i’m @googiemomma

o2) so excited about this:

over at crafterhours
pretty sure i already know what i’m doing…now to get er done.

o3) also this:

once upon a thread at no big dill is returning for it’s 3rd edition.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. probably my favorite “blog party” out there.

that’s it for today…back to the sewing machine…pr&p entries are due 8 am tomorrow!
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