Wednesday, May 30, 2012

and this is why we can’t have nice things.

so many times i plan tutorials for you guys. cute little easy-to-make dresses that i plan on taking step by step photos of and blogging a nice how to.

and i cut out all my pieces and lay them out, thusly:


and then…


do you kind of feel like the jaws music should be playing right now? because i do. de-dent, de-dent, de-dent-de-dent-de-dent-de-dent

IMG_0455oh, were you trying to take a picture of this?

IMG_0458because i was thinkin’ it looked like fun to toss around.

IMG_0463here, you wanna try?

good thing she’s cute.

so just know this…

this is what i started with:

and this is how i ended up:



but if you want to get there too you’re on your own. my little land shark has seen to that.

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