Monday, April 30, 2012


it’s been a big week for this little blog.

first, the fine john and sherry of young house love featured our girls’ room.

there i was, minding my own business, getting my old navy shopping groove on, and my phone dinged that i had an email. it was a comment from someone congratulating us on the feature post over at YHL.

WHAAAA??!?!? in the next few hours my blog got more traffic than it has literally seen since i started it over 2 years ago. it was IN.SANE. the comments and questions and emails and requests for more details lead me to second what john and sherry always say—they really do have the BEST readers! (i had a few people even find rug ideas for the girls’ room and email me links! as in—more than one person took time to search out something for ME, who they’ve NEVER MET! for realsies!)

then i got a second surprise--



DO YOU SEE THAT??????????



this, for you non-homeimprovement-blog-reader-types, is a BIG DEAL.

and just when i thought my head had exploded all it could possibly explode, i got a tweet from these guys:



apparently, i was wrong. one’s head can explode over and over and over.

just so i can type it out in black and white for me and for you and for my mother: that’s my girls’ room, on canadian house and home blog.

i knew i loved those canadians. ;)

so at the very real risk of sounding like i think i just won an academy award, i have a list of thank you’s i need to get out.

thank you john and sherry for being so kind to feature other people’s work on your popular blog (yeah, we’re totally on a first name basis now. probably we’re gonna be besties soon. i think my five monkeys will just eat up their little clara.)

thank you apartment therapy for just being the uber-awesome apartment therapy. and mentioning me. i can die happy.

thank you canadian house and home featuring my girls’ room as one of your “stylish kids’ rooms”.

thank you to krista of kiki’s list. it was the gorgeous room she created for her daughter lou that provided the inspiration for my own red and white striped ceiling and aqua walls. she saw my completed girls’ room on pinterest a couple of weeks ago, and sent me a lovely email. and then she put a post up on her blog about it!

i also have to mention and thank, once again, august fields for her boys’ bunk room, the inspiration for our double bunks.

thank you india.

thank you providence.


and finally,

to all the
readers, browsers, commenters, emailers & friends
who have visited over the past few days.
if you have asked me a question or for more detail—i will ABSOLUTELY be getting back to you within the next few days! in the meantime, you can check my “details” post here that has some basics, or this post all about the bunk beds themselves.

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  1. Wow! That is awesome! But it makes total sense they would feature you. The room is amazing!

  2. Congratulations!! That's so cool, but very, very well-deserved. You and your husband did a fabulous job on that room and it is gorgeous. I'm so glad the blogosphere appreciates what you created.

    And you even quoted a Canuck singer. You really do love us! :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I don't know how your mum feels, but I have a pretty good idea! I'm so happy to see your work recognized by a wider audience and to hear you so chuffed about it, and rightly so! You're doing a great job.
    Smiling all over the place for you,

  4. That is fantastic, congrats! It's great to see you getting recognition for the amazing work that you do! :)

  5. That's so awesome!!! You totally deserved it. The girls room is amazing! It's nice to get the recognition you deserve :) Oh and I just have to say that Guinevere was so poised and did such a good job on Sunday.

  6. I am one of those who came over from Young House Love. I have spent the weekend going through and reading your posts to get to know you a bit. You are talented, strong and a darn good mother. I bookmarked your blog so I can keep up going forward. Congratulations on the recognition. You deserve it. Your girls room and your boys room are beautiful. Love them both.

  7. Yep, like the last commenter, I came over from YHL and spent about an hour searching through lots of your old posts!

    Your home decor posts are great, but it's the personal stuff I'll come back for.....

    As a Canadian, I accept all the love!

  8. you guys are too much.
    thanks thanks thanks!
    i think my thanker might break!
    (and thank you to dr. suess for inspiring that sentence.)

  9. Wow! You DID win an academy award!! I'm so happy for you!

  10. You deserve it! All that hard work! The room is beautiful!

  11. So happy for you- I'm a new reader (saw you on YHL) and am glad you're getting so much attention. You deserve it!

  12. hi there- I found you through YHL and I've added googiemomma to my daily blog checklist. You crack me up. I think you may be in the Philadelphia area (Phillies pillow/Le Bec fin reference:) - just a thought...perhaps you could do a post on your local haunts for thrifting/fabric/kid entertainment?

  13. Yup, lower bucks gal here! :-) I'll have to think on that...
    Thanks for reading!

  14. Neve aka Girlfriend girl5/1/12, 8:30 PM

    Hi mommy,
    I think it is kinda cool and kinda creepy that millions of peolecan see our room:-)

  15. wow indeed! googs, you've hit the bigtime, i'm so proud of ya. and yay for canadians ;) woohooo!

  16. WOW indeed. I came here from YHL a few days ago and haven't been able to STOP taking about your blog and your girls' room makeover. I've been pulling it up at friends' houses and INSISTING that they read your series of posts. Your stuff is GORGEOUS! The room is gorgeous, and your sewing makes me swoon. Please keep up the good work so we can all keep reading and marveling about it!

  17. You're super sweet! I was directed here from YoungHouseLove, and I'm proud to say that I've stayed a reader of your blog now too! You are very, very talented, and as a new blogger, it's great to see witty posts that can be informative at the same time. Your blog (and your wonderful creativity) is really inspiring!

  18. Stumbled on your bunk bed set up through apartment therapy. Can I make a request? At some point, can you blog about how it's going? How do the girls do at all sharing one big room? This is something I would consider doing in the future, but would be nervous about the consequences.... love your blog!


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