Thursday, March 8, 2012

disconnected ramblings of an overtired mother

which, come to think of it, should probably just be my blog name.

but miss elliot has a cold, and spent the night with a fever and hacking cough. the only cure for hacking cough in a 9 month old?
sleeping upright on mommy’s chest on the couch, with milky on demand.

so yeah, a little tired here. and the only post i have close to finished is my friday random things. so now you get it on thursday instead.


o1) true story: my brother wants to re-do their bedroom. so he’s telling my sis-in-law about the dressers he saw on ikeahackers. how they took 3 malm dressers and put them together and added knobs. super cool.
yes, that is what they did, she agrees.

halfway through the convo she finally realizes what he’s not realizing…
”you do know where those dressers are, right?”


“umm, your sister’s house. that’s the girls’ room.”

we’re so close, my bro and i.

o1a) oh yeah, and the girls’ room dressers were on ikea hackers. and i kinda didn’t realize what a big site that was when i submitted the dressers. until it got posted and i got about 4 gazillion hits on that post, propelling it to the most viewed post on googiemomma—by FAR.

o2) speaking of my sis-in-law…she won’t get on board the pinterest thing. i keep telling her. you know what she does? she favorites things i’ve pinned.


(and only fellow pinners can truly, truly see the humor in this.)

okay kate. time to get on board. i’ve just outed you.

o3) i can’t stop buying peeps. partly because i love them. but mainly because gigi calls them “beefs”. just mull that over for a minute.

dare ya not to laugh.


o4) this i’m really super duper excited about: there were 188 entries for the sewvivor sewing competition. a lot of insanely awesome stuff. and only 10 competitors make it through into the actual competition.

guess what???

i made the cut!!! so starting in april there are 4 rounds of competition. each week has a “theme”, and you only get ONE DAY to vote. EEK! three contestants get knocked out each week, and the top three get INSANE prizes. mmmm…fabric…

so you’re all gonna vote for me, right? even if i totally choke and make something crazy bad? becauuusseee…

o4a) i maaay have overextended myself just a teensy weensy bit. i’m doing sewvivor, i’m doing a cool series here probably at the end of this month, and i’ve agreed to 2 other upcoming guest posts. and when i feel overwhelmed…well, the brain. she shuts down.

i’m giving ‘er all she’s got cap’in! she’s got no more ta give!

i’m totally, completely 100% uninspired and scatterbrained. i’ve been pinning things left and right on a new board titled, oddly enough, “inspiration” but then i get all distracted pinning pithy sayings and insane recipes and before i know it i’ve totally forgotten what i was doing.

but then again…that might just be how everyone ‘does’ pinterest.

o5) found a new fabric store yesterday. actually, i really just finally got around to going to a fabric store i’ve heard about a million times before but never went to. it’s so much easier to just head to joann’s when i need something. actually…i think my car may just automatically head there whenever i get in.

but there i’d be wandering the aisles thinking to myself “there has GOT to be something better.” and by better, i of course mean “cheaper”. because even with those 40% off coupons things still get pricey.

i think it was so much fun it warrants it’s own post. so i’ll have to go back and sneak some stealthy oh i’m just holding my phone like this to see it better pictures for ya.


okay, that’s it. five seems like she’s ready for a nap…and imma let her do that.

googiemomma out.

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