Thursday, January 26, 2012

the girls' room: the dressers


i tried to remember to take tons of photos of the entire process--some details of the construction, some just for fun, some oops! so now i can share more details about some of the parts of the room.

because we had a very specific sized space to fill with dressers, and a very specific budget to stick to, it was a bit challenging.


adding to the challenge was this:

girls room_7928

so unless we found a way to get over top the baseboard the dresser would have a few inch gap between it and the wall. not cool in a house of little kids--who will use any tiny space to shove things.

jeremy built this frame to lift the dressers a couple of inches, allowing them to go all the way to the wall. (we also wouldn’t have been able to fit these 3 dressers without using all the space from wall to wall)

girls room_7929

girls room_7910

all the dressers are screwed to one another, into the bottom frame, and into the studs of the wall next to it. they could open all the drawers and stand in them and the thing wouldn’t move an inch. (their parents might kill them, though)

girls room_7899
girls room_7898

girls room_7908

we do lose the bottom left hand drawer because of the heater cover, but raising the dressers up any higher just didn’t seem practical.

girls room_7901

we initially weren’t thrilled with the idea of using “malm” dressers. the contemporary handle-less look of them didn’t jive with the plan for the room.

but then we tried out the idea of adding handles…and boom!


it changed the whole look of the dresser. for $1 each they make a world of difference.

i gave the two bigger girls three drawers, and the two little girls got two drawers. and then one drawer is hair things and jewelry.
they also have a metal drawer unit in the closet for stockings and underthings, and lots of hanging space. so this is mainly for jammies, pants, and t-shirts.

i really, really love the look this dresser has--way more than i expected to. it's so clean looking, but has a big impact!
thanks for reading!
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