Tuesday, March 27, 2012

crochet infinity scarf


this is a post that, at the outset, may look like it’s about a crochet infinity scarf.


and if that’s what you think—you’d be at least partially right.


but to me this post is about a glorious crisp winter day, sunny, bright and warm. a day when little bear and the googiedaddy and i headed outside to snap some pictures and throw some leaves around.


you see?

leaf throwing.
but the scarf is good too.

this yarn spoke to me. it all but jumped into my hands. and using a coupon the skein was only $5—which is all it took to make this scarf.

it’s joann’s sensations slubtastic yarn. which, btw, is a horrible name. because to me it looks like slug-tastic and just ewwww.


(obviously not the color i used, but the same yarn. and this photo doesn’t do it justice…the fluffiness, and the thick pieces. yup—definitely “a thick and thin yarn with Amazing Texture”)

i didn’t use a pattern, i just made it up as i went along. i guess that makes this the first pattern i’ve ever written :) i loved this yarn so much i kind of just wanted to leave it rolled up. and maybe pet it once in a while.

but crochet it i did. and then i wore it. and made faces with my baby girl #3.

these are our serious model faces.

(fox dress blogged about here)

then we scared daddy…


then we learned foxy lady moves…


so, while i can’t give you my foxy partner in crime, i can give you my crochet infinity scarf pattern.

also, you’re on your own for the leaves (but they’re highly recommended)


yarn: bulky
hook: size n

chain 185
starting in 2nd chain from hook single crochet all the way to the end
chain 4 and turn
triple crochet all the way across
chain 2 and turn
sc all the way across
chain 4 and turn
tc all the way across
chain 2 and turn
sc all the way across
chain 4 and turn
tc all the way across
chain 2 and turn
sc all the way across

leave a long tail
match up your ends and sew them together using the tail (make sure your scarf isn’t twisted…unless you want it twisted. then by all means, twist away)
attach yarn anywhere on one of the outside edges
sc all the way around
bind off
repeat on the opposite edge


this is a long scarf that can be worn doubled or tripled.
or, i guess, single. if you’re really tall. or really dramatic.

it was the kind of mindless crocheting i particularly enjoy. i find that as i’m learning more and branching out into more difficult projects that i like having a few things going at once—some that require my undivided attention and some i can do in front of the tv or while having a conversation. that way my brain doesn’t get too overloaded.

why not head over and check out what kim @ bugaboo is up to today with yarn?

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