Monday, March 26, 2012

another yarny roundup (free patterns)

okay, let's face it--i'm cheap. that's no surprise. so when i took up crocheting as a(nother) hobby, i started cheap: cheap yarn, cheap hooks, free patterns.

as time has gone by it hasn't taken me long to discover the joys of nicer yarn, cushiony hooks, and the beauty inherant in a purchased pattern. the patterns i bought from two girls patterns are spectacular--helpful photos, detailed instructions, and many times (especially when you buy from etsy) you have the pattern writer a mere email away if you run into trouble.

but that's not to say that you can't find some awesome patterns for free online.
so here's a roundup of some neat ones i've found online (one quick note: same as usual--if you want to PIN any of these patterns, please click the link to take you to the ORIGINAL SITE and pin from there! thanks!)

the chunky circle scarf pattern from people's web is gorgeous. the stitch combination was a touch confusing to me as a beginner, but i got it after a couple tries. so this one is half finished...maybe by next winter?

this cupcake beanie was shared on u-create by andrea at all things bright and beautiful. it's simple and cute--and gave me the inspiration for my own version of a cupcake beanie!

to make the swirly top of my cupcake beanie i used another free crochet pattern...

it's the divine hat at and it was so much fun! following the pattern and watching that little swirl show up as i worked around and around...the only way i can describe it is incredibly satisfying. is that weird?

this cloche from daperfectmix is another one i did. the free pattern is easy to follow and it's a striking hat. i even did mine in the same grey color because i just loved the look of this one.

(and i'm starting to realize i've done a lot more crocheting this past winter than i thought i did!)

but it's not just hats and scarves in the free pattern genre! how about these:

wolfdreamer offers up these awesome crochet mario mushrooms! (and i know a certain little boy who would LOVE one or two. or six.)

how about these pretty crochet butterflies? they're a free pattern on ravelry (which is another awesome source for have to sign up but it's worth it!)

i think this broomstick lace crochet bracelet from cult of crochet is so neat looking. it's definitely something taking crochet out of the "old lady hobby" realm and translating it to a more modern application!

and seriously--who doesn't need a crochet mustache? this one, from easy makes me happy (which is just about the coolest blog name out there) is hysterical!

there's tons of free patterns to be found on yarn manufacturers' websites. let's be honest though--many of them are a touch...dated, shall we say? (really? a crochet skirt? yeesh.) but with a little searching, and maybe a little tweaking, there's cute stuff to be found.

like this little guy from

same goes for these little crochet monsters from with a little tweaking they could be super cute!

so there you go! a free pattern roundup. tell me--do you have any secret sources for free knit or crochet patterns you can share? let us know in the comments!

in the meantime--get on over to kim and see what she's got rounded up today!

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