Friday, February 17, 2012

where have all the blog posts gone?

long time passing.

i did so good for a few weeks there, right? posting pretty much everyday…
and then.

pppbbbthtd. (or insert however you’d phonetically spell out a raspberry (which, sidepoint, is ell’s favorite new noise. sometimes we have entire convos consisting of nothing but spluttery raspberries back and forth. true story.))

i’ve been sewing and crocheting a lot, and i have lots of projects to share. but sometimes once you’ve sewn an outfit and bathed and dressed a kid or kids, you run out of time for the picture taking. or if you get to the picture taking you run out of steam for the picture editing and the blog posting and the making of the funny.

and i know that’s why you come back here time after time—the making of the funny. and the song references.

don’t worry—if you fall i will catch you. i will be waiting.

(BOOM—peter paul & mary AND cyndi lauper in ONE post. all i need is one more for the trifecta)

so in conclusion: lots of posts a-comin’ once i get my act together. and some other exciting stuff headed your way in the next couple of months on this here blog.

and now, insert obligatory “pinned” motivational/funny/sarcastic jpeg here:

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

and thus concludes my lesson in blog posting 101: how to write an entire blog post without saying a thing.
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