Monday, February 20, 2012

how to photoshop yourself some coordinating wall art {tutorial}

i recently finished a little project for a friend.

okay, actually a friend of my cousin, whom i’ve never met, but who apparently reads my blog. (hi friend!) wait—NO, i’ve met my cousin, but i’ve never met her friend. ugh. english is so annoying. and here i thought i had a thorough grasp of it, what with my proper use of “whom” vs. “who”. i’m so uppity sometimes.
tea and crumpets, anyone? carson, tea all around.

ahem, anyway…the friend i’ve never met of my cousin who i know well is moving into a new house, and wanted some wall art to coordinate with her daughter’s (whom i've also never met) new bedding set. after going back and forth a few times this is what we came up with.

she sent me one of the pillow shams for the set. i ironed it and laid it out in a nice bright spot and took a bunch of photos:


obviously cropping out the extraneous toys and junk.

i used a flash and set up in a bright spot to eliminate any shadows. i wanted this as clean and crisp as possible. i did some overall shots and some closeup, and then uploaded the photos into photoshop elements.

IMG_9369_8427 IMG_9366_8424 IMG_9365_8423

i ended up using the plain one (which was the back of the pillow sham) as a background. i lightened it and fixed the colors up.

then i lasso’d and cut out individual flowers, pasting them onto my new plain background.

finally i downloaded some cute fonts from dafont and added in the words she wanted, and added in some black polka dots with the paintbrush tool.

final result:


3 custom pieces of artwork that can be printed out up to 16x20. i burned these onto a CD, so she can take them anywhere she wants. they can be printed directly onto a canvas, onto a faux canvas (like at walmart), or just printed and framed like photos.

easy and fun artwork for a little girls’ room!

(and actually, she hasn’t gotten this yet…so this may be her first time seeing it. HEY FRIEND! is this okay? ;) )
oh, and ps--alright gessika?!?!
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