Thursday, January 19, 2012

tutorial: how to paint stripes on your wall or ceiling


i love striped walls. i love stripes in general, really. we’ve done stripes in our bathroom, the girls pink princess room, and a few other places in the past.

and when i saw the ceiling on my inspiration room with wide reddish/salmon-y and white stripes i knew i had to do it.

it can be daunting to do stripes, but we have a pretty simple system down-pat at this point.

you need two people, two tape measures, two pencils, a couple of rolls of frog tape or painters tape, and at least one ladder (if you’re doing walls, two for a ceiling. assuming one of you isn’t very, very tall. then you may not need any ladders.)

girls room_7918

 girls room_7920
girls room_7919
 girls room_7921
girls room_7922  girls room_7923

girls room_7926

 so there you have it. how to paint stripes, the easy (ha!) way.

girls room_7912 copy
girls room_7913
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