Monday, December 12, 2011

a new baby V

no, i didn’t get rid of my baby V.

this past friday i hosted a small “welcome baby” gathering.

von henry-11

we kept it simple: everyone contributing a dish, decor kept to a minimum.
i found these napkins at target and worked off them for everything else.

von henry-04

von henry-05

who doesn’t love polka dots? i grabbed a length of fabric from my stash to use as a table runner. the birds and trees and bright colors matched perfectly.

for the rest of the decor—i’m not kidding when i say i kept it simple.

von henry-14

i bought six sheets of scrapbook paper from michael’s (which i forgot to take a picture of before i went punch happy). they were on sale 10/$1.
the stickers were from walmart, $1.
the rest of it i had.

toothpicks + paper circles + masking tape + sticker =
von henry-10
cupcake toppers for double chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow icing.

wooden skewers + yarn + paper circles folded in half =  von henry-01
cake topper for the italian creme cake (the new momma’s favorite)

trader joes candy cane jo-jos + cream cheese + chocolate chips =
von henry-07

mint chocolate truffles. whaaaat? yup.

von henry-02

paper circles + thread (inspired by this) =
von henry-09
happy little garland hung over the table

scrapbook paper (cut in triangles) + masking tape + yarn =
von henry-11
bunting hung in the doorway (plus some matching balloons. cause no party is complete without balloons)

a group of gals, chatting and eating and cooing over the man of the hour

von henry-12

the real baby V (hehe). born in october (almost a month early…thus the lateness of this party) to a happy mommy, daddy, big brother and big sister.


he’s got gorgeous long dark hair, his momma’s big beautiful lips, and was just diagnosed with downs syndrome. he could not have been born to a better momma. she’s ready to help him face the challenges headed his way with a strong happy spirit.


welcome to the world little man. we’re so happy to meet you!

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