Tuesday, December 13, 2011

chalkboard glasses, check. i’m so pinterest hip now.

so, we have this friend who’s getting married. and i was on the phone with his mom and she was telling me how they want to do the wine glasses with chalkboard paint on them as favor/placecards for the wedding (you know, the ones all over the interwebs like here and here), and they were experimenting with chalkboard spray paint but they weren’t sure about it. so i was like “oh, they make special chalkboard paint you can use on stuff like that, you paint it on and then you bake it. i have some i bought like 4 million years ago, give or take, cause i saw that and thought it was super cool and wanted to do it.” and then she was like “oh, really? how well does it work?”

and then…well, i had no answer for her. because i never used it.


i promptly dug it out, and painted all my wineglasses.

and then anything else i could get my hands on in my whole kitchen. because that's how cool this stuff is.

paint ordered here

first  all my wineglasses…


i did two coats on everything. you really need to hold it up to the light to make sure you’ve covered everything you want covered.


then i got itchy paintbrush fingers and started prowling the kitchen. i found my trifle bowl…


and marked off a rectangle with masking tape…


and had at it. this one ended up needing three coats.

my next victim experiment project?


the three tiered serving piece my sister-in-law gave us. (hi sister-in-law! don’t be angry! i love it!)


three edges—taped off and painted. bam.

then everything got it’s turn in the oven—350 degrees for 30 minutes.
do i love it?

(who has two thumbs and needs to learn how to spell radish???)

oh yeah. i love it.

von henry-06

(did ya notice this in my baby shower post?)

von henry-07

i’m not done. not hardly. i used not even half of one bottle, and i bought two.

i even started a whole pinterest board of chalkboard ideas (check it here). some of my favs:

the chalkboard lunchbox love note

chalkboard blocks for the kiddos

and this is just cool (not very practical though)

and, if you’re not ready to completely commit to chalkboard paint EVERYWHERE, did you know they make this:

so whaddaya think? any other chalky ideas you can throw at me?

link here:

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