Thursday, November 24, 2011

i pretty much consider myself an ambassador

looking for me?
well you won't find me here today! cause i'm in NORWAY ya'll!

okay, so i'm not really in norway.
BUT, i am guest posting over at tone's blog. and SHE'S in norway.
sooo, the way i see it--

i'm in NORWAY ya'll!

and i'm super proud of myself because norway is like, second on my list of Countries That Make Me Giggle.
#1 is canada, and the list has 2 spots.

actually, it may be reversed--because while canada has it's "eh", and "dontcha know?", and moose--and face it, moose are just FUNNY, norway makes me think about things like slartibartfast and fjords. and saying the word 'fjords' makes my mouth happy.
and then i think: "maybe he's pinin' for the fjords." "he's not pinin' for anything you idiot. he's dead".

and then i disintegrate into giggles and bad british accents.

basically, i'm a riot.

what was i saying again?

OH--i'm super proud of myself. because despite all of the above, and the fact that the only other things i know about both norway and canada are what i learned at epcot, i managed to make it through my entire guest post without alienating either country.

i think.

i dunno. why not head over and check me out? cause actually, i'm sharing a REALLY COOL PROJECT!
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