Monday, October 3, 2011

crime of the century

just the facts, ma’am.

the perpetrator:

“origami knife” gigi 

the victim:

 IMG_7589_6921 arrow
my innocent left eyeball

the weapon:

paper(artist’s rendition)


heebie-jeebie factor:

approximately 1.4 million


pain scale:

however high it goes, plus one.

trips to the eye doctor since thursday:

so far, 4. tomorrow’s appointment is with a corneal specialist, whatever that is.


how i’ve looked since thursday:

IMG_7589_6921 eye

(also an artist’s rendition)

(but a surprisingly accurate one)


how i look when i go out:

IMG_7589_6921 eyeglasses

i wear my sunglasses at night…

and during the day…

and in the house.

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