Monday, October 31, 2011

the awkward vegetarian

i’ve been basically vegetarian since i was about 13 years old.

i say basically, because there’s been a few times during my pregnancies where my body was all “MUST HAVE MEAT. NOW.” and i tend to listen to my body at those times…i figure maybe it’s trying to tell me something.
of course, those dabbles in carnivorous-ness usually don’t end well.

i’ll leave it there.

i’m not one of those vegetarians though that’s all I DON’T EAT MEAT=I AM BETTER THAN YOU.
at least, i don’t think i am.

i still use leather—it’s not a “save the animals” type of activism-eating.

and i don’t choose vegetarianism for my children—although we are not huge meat eaters as a family—my googies are just as happy eating a hamburger as they are a tofu casserole or lentil loaf.

i remember it clearly—i had just eaten a huge cheesesteak, and it was sitting like a lead weight in the bottom of my stomach (which, ironically—cheesesteaks are one of the only things i really miss. can i get a philly shout-out? holla!).
“this can’t be right”, i thought. “there has to be a better way to feel after you eat.”
and that was it.

at this point, almost 20 years later, i honestly have no craving or taste for meat. chicken kinda grosses me out.

so i guess i’m more of an experimental vegetarian, and then it stuck.

maybe this is my long-winded explanation of why i'm such an awkward vegetarian, then.
when people invite us for dinner, they're all "OH! you're a vegetarian?!? what can i make you?" and i'm all nothing i'm fine i'll just eat the rolls don't worry about it.

when people were bringing us meals during the rough months of my last pregnancy, they'd ask what they could make and i'd be like "oh, just make whatever for the kids and jeremy. i'll figure something out for myself."

fortunately i have wonderful friends and family--who made us things like lasagna and vegetarian shephard's pie and yummy salads--and didn't listen to me.

so a couple of weeks ago when i took gigi to her princess party the hostess said "i forgot you are a vegetarian!", and then i did my typical "no don't worry about it i'll just eat the potato chips."

and she said no! look! i made you THIS!

there was corn. and some chopped up radishes. and some tortillas. and some cheese.


cause, really, let's call a spade a spade.
 i'm not so much a vegetarian as a macandcheeseatarian. a frenchfryatarian.

the bean sprouts and the mushrooms and the rabbit food? yeah, not so much.
i like good, warm, hearty meals.

just--without meat.

but i was a good guest.

thank you! yummm!

and i ate it. and you know what???

it was mad good.

so good in fact, that i got the recipe from her and made it for my family and my in-laws.

so there.
i'm a vegetarian. and i'm better than you.

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