Saturday, September 24, 2011

sometimes there’s things…

you know. little things.

things bouncingaroundinyourhead.

things that aren’t in and of themselves an entire post, but that you want to get out there just the same.


*1 i made myself a skirt. i really like it. i particularly like the fact that i’m not as big as i thought i was, and so i had to take it in a bunch.
maybe i’ll take some pics of myself, like some of those fancy pants bloggers, modeling my new skirt.

oh, and my new hair. i done chopped all my hairs off.

*2 i’ve been busy editing wedding photos. didn’t i mention that?
i photographed another wedding last month.

IMG_6310_5867 color pop IMG_6192_5754 b&w2 

sorry, no faces. but she was a lovely bride…

i’m really enjoying this photography thing.

*3 i’ve come to the conclusion that pregnancy is just a year of your life slow l y f a l  li   n g

ap a


maybe it’s just me?

9 months of pregnancy, followed by 3 months of new baby-ness = much slowly getting pushed off or to the side or just away completely.

so i’ve been spending time deep cleaning, sorting, rearranging, trashing. trying hard to get our lives back in order.
i contemplated taking some ‘before’ photos of my latest closet cleanout…and then decided against it. i don’t think that’s the type of blogger i am/want to be.

speaking of which…

*4 i’ve been spending little bits of time rearranging here, too. didja notice?
clearing some clutter. and i’ve been analyzing where i want to go with this blog.

reading other people’s sites makes me stop and think. i don’t think i want to be the person that posts every little boring thing that happens, just so they have something posted EVERY DAY. i feel strongly  unless and until i have something worthwhile to say, i won’t say anything at all.

current post not withstanding, of course.

so i’ll spare you the “look at my disorganized closet! now look how i spent eleventy hundred dollars at dollar tree and made signs on my grasshopper personal cutter that say ‘lightbulbs’, ‘junk’ and ‘tampons’ and put up wallpaper INSIDE my closet! WAA-LAH!”

nothing against those who do those types of posts…shoot, i read ‘em. and i get good ideas from ‘em. i just don’t think we need more of ‘em.
and not to say i won’t be sharing some of the minutiae of life. i love minutiae. i eat it for breakfast.

minutiae flakes.

but there’s a difference. i can’t elaborate on it, but i know it when i see (or read it). so you’ll be getting the boring everyday stuff i like to share, not the boring everyday stuff i don’t like to share.
got it?

which brings us to…

*5 the elephant in the room. or in the sidebar.

i’ve started running an ad on the side. i’m not completely sure why. at this point i think i get enough views each day to maybe buy a cup of coffee…a year from now.
but i think, in a way, it helps lend some sort of legitimacy to my blog. it’s not too intrusive, and it ups my exposure. i can control what types of ads run there, which is important to me also.

but that’s where it’s stopping…for now, at least. baby steps.

*6 why is it that when you finally decide to sit down and list out the little things bouncing around in your head…

you suddenly can’t remember them?

*7 i’ve come clean. did you notice?
i snuck my babies’ names into the last few posts.

i figure either:
    -you already know them, because you know me
    -you saw the few spots they were already mentioned accidentally here
    -what is it? a state secret?
    -i’m not un-googleable, if you were really a creeper you could find them out anyway.

just don’t be a creeper, mmkay?

*8 finally, i want to share this:

date a girl who reads

a poem.

(found through e tells tales, who got it from the source i linked to)

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