Thursday, August 4, 2011

where else can you get your impulsivebuysker?

cause really, what says “budget” like a spur of the moment trip to ikea?


one where you fill your GIANT BLUE BAG with $100 worth of items you didn’t really know you needed?

how could i live with myself if i passed up drommar for only $5.99? whatever would i make my tarts in?


and one can never have enough bevara…especially at $2.99.


do you see this fabric as a wild wood-printed skirt?

i do. i think it will be cool.


and this box for $3.99 looks perfect for organizing sewing supplies…something desperately needed around here.


and this loaf pan is longer and thinner than the standard ones i have—better for sandwich loaves for school i’m thinking???

oops…how’d that choklad sneak in there? ;o)

are swedish calories less fattening than american ones?

the weird dichotomy about ikea is that when i visit i want to come home and strip my living spaces of all non-essentials. i envision clean straight lines and white open spaces…a place for all the necessities and everything in order.

but i come home with a bag full of things…



the swedish version, but clutter just the same.

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