Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the worm whisperer

remember when little bear was afraid of bugs?

due to an unfortunate incident with a stink bug she became what i can only describe as insanely paranoid and delusional—bugs were EVERYWHERE. every speck on the wall was a bug…every fuzzy, every chocolate smudge sent her screaming into my arms.

so i embarked on the Bug Desensitization Program, which was a smashing success.


the child LOVES bugs. creepy crawlies of any shape and size are her friends.

she wants to ‘hold dem’. they are her pets.

her particular favorite?

she gathers them from the garden and brings them to me. she names them (usually just “wormie”…she is only 2) and builds them houses.

last time we visited mom-mom and opa’s house, she spent the evening carrying around their door draft-stopper—a “wormie” of gargantuan proportions—introducing us all to her newest friend.

it was time for mommy to step in. we need a wormie that mommy doesn’t mind in the house.

some scrap brown courderoy…

meet wormie.


he was well received.

we went on the swings…


and spent some time in the garden, where every good wormie should be.

isn’t that the fun of sewing? i’m sure, somewhere, i could have found a stuffed “worm” toy. but instead i made it, for free, in about 15 minutes, and my daughter is happy.

it’s the little things.
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