Monday, April 11, 2011

well, fine then. (sytyc week 2)

so last week was thrift week on so you think you’re crafty, and my entry was…

my wall art.

which went over like a lead balloon.

hmph. fine then.

i like it, and that’s what matters.

but i did manage to squeak through to the next round (no thanks to you).

you can redeem yourself though—get on over to SYTYC for this week’s round: knock-off.

and vote for ME.

yes, because clearly you’re such a devoted googiemomma-ite that you’ll know my work immediately—even if it’s anonymous.

(i kid, because i love. don’t get your pantyhose in a twist. googiemomma still loves you my little chunky monkeys.)

oh, and i’ll share the details on my wall art later this week…for the few of you who may care.
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