Thursday, January 13, 2011


i did it.

that ENTIRE bag of mixed up puzzle pieces? you know, the one i keep adding to as i find the pieces scattered around the house...delusionally thinking that one day when i have ohh, 3 or 4 spare hours, i'm going to sort them all into the proper box(es), toss the ones with too many missing pieces, and organize the rest?

ya, that one.

shhhh...come closer...

i threw it away.

unopened. unsorted. unrepentantly.

know what else?
while i was at it, i tossed an entire trash bag of broken/neglected/old and unplayed with toys.


there's more.
my google reader? the one that while i was "off" not blogging and not on the computer for a bit managed to amass 600+ unread blog posts from some of my favorite blogs?

mark all as read.

that's right. i did it.
unread. un-savedtheideasiloveforthefuture. unrepentantly.

i'm sure there were many awesome posts in there. great ideas that i may kick myself for missing later. just as i'm sure there were complete puzzles in that bag. puzzles the kids and i would have enjoyed putting together on a snowy night with cups of cocoa by our sides.

but sometimes, just sometimes, you have to toss the good with the bad. otherwise you'll drown.

a cathartic purging of clutter--both material goods and mental goods. it's good for the mind and body.

and to finish out my day?
i drank a cup of hot chocolate. with TWO packs in one mug. and whipped cream AND marshmallows.

and waited until the kids were in bed to do it.

that's just how i roll.
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