Thursday, December 23, 2010

miss me while i'm gone

you know how in elementary school it was always the funniest joke to say "see you next year" on the last day before winter break?

i still think it's funny.

see you next year.


like most of the blogging world i'll be taking a bit of a break. (you know, unlike the few and far between posts i've been throwing out the last few months. this is a scheduled break)

we're embarking on some projects this week around the house. we're also working on potty training little bear. yeah, we'll see how that works out.

and finally, just to keep you all in the loop~~i've always heard of this phenomenon--those women who suffer morning sickness in their second trimester. those women who get worse instead of better as time goes on and their pregnancy progresses.

well, apparently even a fifth pregnancy can hold some surprises for you. i'll be 19 weeks on sunday, and i have thrown up every morning for the last two weeks.

i thought i was getting better. i thought it was easing.

i'm so tired of being sick.

see ya next year.
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