Friday, November 19, 2010

cough, cough

you know how you're almost 14 weeks pregnant, so everyone says "oh, you should be feeling better soon, right?"

and you're all, "yeah, maybe", but you're not really optimistic because you're one of those unfortunate people who was sick way longer than just the first trimester with your other pregnancies?

and then you wake up one day and you're like "hey! i don't feel quite so nauseous today!?!?!"

but then...
you get a nasty cold/flu thingy that has you miserable and laying on the couch doing nothing for a week?

and then you develop a cough with your cold/flu thingy?

and then, because even though you're almost 14 weeks you're still nauseous, everytime occasionally when you cough you start to gag and then puke?

and maybe pee your pants a little while you're coughing and puking because it's your fifth pregnancy?



i guess it's just me then.
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