Friday, September 24, 2010

ruffled tank tutorial

our local old navy store is having it's half-off clearance sale! YAY! which means you can score things like this:

for half off this:

 woo-hoo--less than $1 for a cute tank!

so i bought two of them. hmm...what to do, what to do??? i love the stripes, but let's face it. i don't know about you girls, but horizontal stripes and i aren't exactly friends--if ya know what i'm sayin'. momma needs something that's a little more, shall we say, slimming?

so here's what i did:

i cut off the neckline of my 2nd tank, and cut the rest in wide bias strips.

once i opened the stripey strips out this is what they looked like:

i ruffled the top edge of all (most) of them. then i found the center point of my tank.

 and began attaching my ruffled strips--i started with the longest strip around the neckline, and centered the point.

channel your inner dory..."just keep sewing, just keep sewing, just keep sewing sewing sewing", starting with the biggest strip and working your way down to your smallest, centering the point of each one on the center of your tank. (i didn't use ALL the strips--i just kept adding until i was happy)

eventually you have this:

i love how it looks. and i especially love the price! but i am apparently unable to take a decent picture of myself wearing my new shirt! :o( trust me, this was the best of about 30 tries, inside, outside, flash, no flash, in the mirror, self-timer....gah!

so you'll just have to imagine:

shoot, i look guuuud. ;o)

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