Wednesday, September 29, 2010

back to the future, school edition

well, better late than never right?

little man found a backpack at jcpenneys back when school stuff was first starting to come out--you know, in june :o)
he loved it. A LOT.


it was $39.99. there is NO WAY this momma is spending $40 on a school bag! but it was early, so we waited, assuming it would come down in price.

come august and school shopping hadn't. and he still loved it.

so i looked at it a bit and realized it's just a sling style backpack with a couple patches sewn on. srsly? $40?

oh yeah, we can totally reproduce that for much less.
we found this backpack on amazon for $12.99:


the red was his choice (they did have it in black too)
then we headed over to ebay for some patches.

here's where things started to get a little...haywire.

we ended up ordering two patches, both his choice.

the first one came--an old-school style "P". uh, apparently momma forgot to double check sizes on the patch. it was a bit...large.

so we waited for the 2nd patch...and waited...and waited...
never came. they never answered my emails. so after going through the whole process of getting our money back from ebay, we reordered with another seller.

and we finally got our 2nd patch this week. yay!

after some creative figuring and manuvering, this is what we came up with:

big 'p', right?

he loves it. i ended up taking the pocket off of the front of the bag. it was only held on by one row of stitching. it did leave small holes, but they're barely noticable. i sewed the two patches on the front of the bag, then reattached the pocket on the back of the bag:

i told him it was his "secret" pocket. now he loves it even more :o)

easy as pie. and it only cost about $20--still more than i normally spend on their backpacks...but sometimes a momma's gotta make her little man happy.

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  1. I love it! Looks even better than the original ... and the best part is the smug (silent) gloating you get to do every time you look at it :).

  2. right on! i agree, it looks better than the original.


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