Monday, June 28, 2010

sugar and spice and everything nice

A few months ago we reorganized our large kitchen closet/pantry, and got a deep freezer. Since then I've been food shopping for one month at a time.

I love it.


I guess because I'm in the "month" frame of mind, I decided to go on a cooking rampage today.
At one point I looked around and realized my kitchen looked like this:


Nice, huh?

Let me break it down a little for ya:


But I did it.
And when the dust flour cleared, I was one happy momma.
Bread, rolls, casseroles, pitas...all prepared and packed and put away in the freezer. So that when needed they're ready and waiting.
Perfect for these hot summer days when I'm busy with kids all day, and the inevitable "What's for dinner?" begins sounding.

The final tally?

doesn't it look like I have a super shiny counter reflecting 3 loaves instead of 6 loaves of bread stacked up?

2 pans of Four Cheese Mac & Cheese
2 pans of Tofu Casserole (sort of like a chicken divan, but with tofu instead of chicken)
6 loaves of Whole Wheat Bread
30 Steakhouse Freezer Rolls
18 Pitas

Ah Ah Ah.


On a related note~~
Do you eat pita? You MUST make homemade pita. It is Full stop.

The cardboard rounds you buy in the food store? NOT a pita.
Not even CLOSE to pita.

I use this recipe by Farmgirl Fare.
Honestly, I can't say it enough--get thee to the kitchen NOW!

googiemomma out.
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