Monday, June 14, 2010

Book 'em Danno...Hawaii Wig-O

Friday night we were headed to a luau--which we had to dress up for.
That day I decided I wanted a wig.

So, I now present the oddest tutorial you will {probably} ever see on googiemomma:

How to make a Hawaiian Wig
{in 20 minutes and for only $3}

On a whim I ran into Sally's Beauty Supply and bought three of these:

It's the cheapest "hair" they sell. It's synthetic {not real hair}-- it feels more like a Dollar Store Barbie's hair :0) But it's 99 cents a pack. I bought 3 packs.

The other supplies:

A glue gun, lots of glue sticks, a pair of scissors, a pair of your infant daughter's tights (preferably in a color to match your "hair") and one of your other daughters to act as a model for you {not pictured hehehe}

***Also, you're about to see some really awful pictures. I did this an hour before the party, in between making sweet potatoes to take. I had no idea how this would turn out (I was making it up as I went and hadn't even really thought it through!) and started taking pictures as an afterthought!

First I took the tights and tied knots in each of the legs as close as I could get to the top.


I pulled these knots as tight as I could and then cut off the rest of the leg. Ta-da! You have just made a stocking cap for yourself:


(I put the leg knots inside against my head. They weren't really bothersome because they were pretty small)

Next the hair. Because it's such cheap hair it's just a bunch wrapped with a rubber band in the middle:


The rubber band is your anchor. Put a nice big glob of glue towards the front of your stocking cap (AFTER YOU TAKE IT OFF YOUR HEAD!!!) and stick the hair/rubber band right to it--facing towards the front (if you put it on right now you'd look like Cousin Itt) This way when you put it on you flip the hair back and the rubber band is mostly covered.


Move back about two inches, and glue down the second batch of hair. Repeat with the third (back 2" and glue on) This concentrates the hair on the top and front of your head.

Now's the time you need your assistant. Put your wig on them so you can see the shape you need to create with the hair.


To pull the hair in the right direction and cover your "bald" spots, take the wig off again and put some hot glue on the tights. Then pull the hair over the top and press it down.

(I live dangerously, so I just tried to keep my fingers out of the glue. You could cover your hand with an old towel or something to protect yourself from burns)

Basically it's a matter of just messing with it, glueing it down enough that you don't have any major bald spots. But don't go crazy with the glue, because you need the stocking cap to s-t-r-e-t-c-h over your head.

I cut some bangs in the front and put a little line of glue under them to keep them straight. Then I had one of my "models" try it on so I could trim the back (it's pretty long and raggedy--I kept it fairly long but trimmed it straight) And I also glued some flowers right to the side.

End result?

How Hawaiian am I???

Hot tip: if you're a natural redhead, you can use your black eyeliner to give yourself black eyebrows to match your new head of luxurious jet black hair. :0)

And your own mother won't recognize you (seriously)

They make the hair in other colors, so this could easily translate to princess wigs or anything else you need a cheap and easy wig for!

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