Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wanna Take A Peek?

I was browsing through my old pics and came across some shots I took way back when we did/finished Girlfriend Girl's and Tiny Tim's shared bedroom.

I wanted something sweet, they wanted something princessy.
But I was NOT doing character princesses (I think you know who I mean).

googiemomma doesn't roll that way, ya'll.

So we went full-on princess, but our own interpretation.
And the thing is, googiedaddy and I are so bad together. When one gets a crazy idea ("Hey, you know what would be cool? Beds that look like a princess carriage!") The other one doesn't say, "Hey, great idea, but lets keep it real, ya know?" Oh no...we feed each other.


"Awesome! I'll build them, and you'll handpaint them with their initials and flowers and stuff!"

"And we have to paint the walls. Pink, you think?"

"Totally. Except, lets do alternating pink stripes. And then on the ceiling, we'll paint it to look like a faux tray ceiling. And maybe continue the handpainted flowers and vines around where the chandalier will hang? You don't mind a few hours spent staring at the ceiling, right? Michelangelo did it, and I'll bet he didn't whine."

"Uh huh. I like where you're headed with this. And while I have the paints out, I may as well paint a faux princess gown hanging on a golden hook. But we haven't done any sewing yet. So I'll sew up a real tulle skirt for the gown. And maybe a fake fur rug for the floor. And then you can get to work on the custom window cornice while I finish sewing the custom duvet covers and flower pillows."


"Well, I'm just about done customizing this lamp with four bazillion flowers and ribbons. Princesses gotta read, ya know?"

"Oh good, just in time for me to complete the last few items placed on these handmade shelves. Hey, do you know when the last time we fed the kids was? Or saw them for that matter....."


Ahhh...good times, good times.
Googiedaddy and I don't regret it. We had a blast, and the room looked adorable (to us, at least!)
The only thing we wish? That it still looked the same as it did then...
Ohhh, I know two little princesses who are going to be VEEEERRRY busy tonight!
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